What is Basic Life Support?

Basic Life Support (BLS) is the version of American Heart Association (AHA) CPR that is required by most professionals working in the healthcare field. The BLS level of CPR covers a few additional techniques that are not covered in the regular Heartsaver CPR/AED version of CPR. Also the Life Saving CPR Training  AHA BLS provides CEUs to qualifying professionals used to renew their license. What are the differences?

What is Basic Life Support


For the most part Basic Life Support (BLS) covers the same material that is covered in regular CPR. All AHA courses cover Compression, Breathing, and Chocking techniques for Adults, Children, and Infants as well as the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED). The additional topics covered in BLS are commonly used by healthcare professionals, such as the use of the Bag-Mask Device for giving breaths and a greater focus on team rescues beyond the single rescue techniques that are focused on in regular CPR. Beyond those few additional sections the other greatest difference in the CPR classes is the language used in class. In BLS time is taken to explain why a particular technique is recommended and what exactly (in medical terms) is being done by each technique employed, words like Cardiac and Respirations, where regular CPR uses words like Heart and Breath.

Although Basic Life Support (BLS) is the “advanced” version of regular CPR, it is good to know that there is no prerequisite or professional requirement to take BLS; it is open to all who want to take this course. It is the required level of CPR for healthcare professionals but anyone is able to take it. BLS is considered a “higher” level of CPR certification, so if you are BLS certified you are also certified in regular CPR.  If you are ready to take your CPR skills to the next level join us in our next BLS class!Basic Life Support updates 2015

At Life Saving CPR Training Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider is the course we offer most often. Find our daily American Heart Association (AHA) BLS courses on our website https://www.cprskillssacramento.com/. Visit our website to find the schedule and sign up for a class. If you don’t need BLS, then your in luck because we also offer regular Heartsaver CPR/AED nearly as often. Give us a call if you have any questions at (916) 672-2008. See you in a class soon! #lifeiswhy

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  1. […] Business or Group CPR Training is the best way to teach a large collection of people CPR at one time. Life Saving CPR Training in Sacramento California specializes in easy to sign up, no hassle, American Heart Association (AHA) CPR courses in our classroom or at your location. Many different Businesses and Groups are required to remaining CPR certified for one reason or another. We can do a group AHA course focusing on the basics of CPR and First Aid, focusing on Children and Infants, or more focused on Healthcare Professionals. […]


  2. […] Apart from those differences detailed here the rest of CPR for Infants has the same recommendations as CPR for all ages. Compress at the rate of 100 to 120 beats per minute. Follow the AED prompts as normal, but do use pediatric pads if available. Same ratio of compressions to breaths 30:2. If you are a healthcare professional there are a few additional differences and techniques for two rescuer on infants in Basic Life Support (BLS). […]


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