Online CPR – Blended Learning

Online CPR is one of two ways to take your American Heart Association (AHA) CPR class. You can, of course, come in to a training location to take a full in-person CPR class. The alternative is the Blended Learning CPR class. It is called “Blended” because the first portion is completed online at your home or office, and the second portion is an in-person CPR Skills session. This is the only way to take an official AHA Online CPR course. If any course claims to be completely online, with no skills component, then it is not adhering to AHA CPR standards.

The Blended Learning Online CPR is an option for all of the regular AHA courses. This includes Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider, called Heartcode BLS online, as well as all of the Heartsaver CPR courses. You can find and sign up for these online course on the Online AHA Courses website.

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Rest assured that the Online CPR courses cover all of the same material covered in the full in-person class. The online videos and simulations allow an extra level of interactivity that is not available in the full in-person class. This can be beneficial to people of various learning styles that might not respond as well to the usual in-class method.

Once you have completed your Online CPR section you will need to schedule the in-person skills session to complete the Blended Learning course. You will receive a certificate of completion for the online section that you must bring the to skills session to be eligible. If you are in the greater Sacramento area you can schedule your Skills Session at Life Saving CPR Training. If you are looking for a Skills Session in another area look to the AHA course connector to find a session in your area.

online cpr 1In your Skills Session you will have time to practice all of the skills you leaned in your Online CPR course. When you are ready and all your questions have been answered by your instructor you will perform the Skills Check. This final check will let you demonstrate all the skills learned to show that you retained the information. In less than 1 hour your skills session is complete and you can walk out of the door with your official AHA Certification Card. It is good to know that you will receive the exact same card as those who take the full in-person class.

Come to Life Saving CPR Training in Sacramento for your Online CPR Skills Session or In-Person CPR Class. We teach only official American Heart Association (AHA) CPR courses. Find our class schedule and skills session schedule on our website Feel free to call us at 916-672-2008 with questions. Be prepared to save a life with CPR and First Aid! Because #lifeiswhy!

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